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Commonly people seeking acupuncture treatment require more than one treatment. Depending on your condition it may be advisable for you to attend weekly for several weeks. Some people can afford to pay for acupuncture on a private basis at such regular intervals, but for many it becomes too expensive. The community clinics, or another term used “multibed clincs”, mean that by reducing the cost of treatments people can more easily afford to attend for treatment on a regular basis long enough to get better and stay better.

Hull and East Yorkshire Community Acupuncture Clinics we can afford to reduce the cost of your treatment by treating several people in one large room. Acupuncture needles need 20 – 30 minutes to do their work. The acupuncturist can place the needles in one patient, leaving them to relax into their treatment and move on to the next patient. By treating more than one patient at once, the price of a treatment is significantly reduced. One to one private acupuncture treatments are typically double the price you can expect to pay in a community clinic.

About Community Clinics #01

This way of working is not new. In the Far East it is normal to treat people together and this style of acupuncture takes place in hospitals in modern day China alongside 'Western medicine'.

Non-NHS funded multibed clinics have been appearing in the UK only since 2003 but are increasing in number all the time. Hull and East Yorkshire Community Acupuncture are members of The Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC). To visit their website and learn more about community acupuncture clinics CLICK HERE.

What Patients Think About This Way of Receiving Treatment.

Research has shown that patients being treated in community clinics report many positive experiences and very few negative(Stone, 2006).

As well as the reduced cost, patients benefit from the community spirit that emerges when several people are treated together. Patients consistently report that they like the sense of togetherness and humanity they find in a community acupuncture clinic, rather than the sense of isolation often associated with ill health.

While most people find community clinics comfortable, safe and welcoming a small number of people may feel uncomfortable discussing their problems or relaxing into their treatment with other people in the same room. Jane is always happy to talk though these concerns in a private space.

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